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Embrace your journey towards Digital Transformation with VibrantCube

At VibrantCube, we enable our clients to embrace their journey towards Digital Transformation by allowing them to experience a seamless project execution, when they got through this technological transition.

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Big Data

Our Solutions Span - Predictive Analytics, Data Visualizations, R, Text Mining, ETL, Predictive Modelling, Hadoop, Cloudera, Pentaho, Couchebase, MongoDB, Elastic Search

Predictive Analytics

We work with some of the finest technology resources in the Predictive analytics space, who have been equipped with latest tools and technologies to build some algorithms which are Predictive in nature - We are working towards, Predicting the future :)!

Data Migration

Our Solutions Span - Carrying out data migrations to SalesForce, Oracle, SAP and building data warehousing platforms and architectures.

Data Visualizations

Give us some raw data, we will clean that and that give you an output - Which will help you visualize some trends from your raw data.

SalesForce & Oracle Development

Other than developing, implementing and customizing Oracle and SalesForce platforms - We develop Sugar & Suite CRM's and a host of other Open Source ERP's.

Custom Solution Development

We also work on several Open Source & Microsoft platforms - Which allows us to align our clients business objectives with technology. We cover the following technologies in this space - PHP, JAVA, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Adobe ColdFusion; Dot Net etc.

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Ready for any challenges. We make your business better.

Artie Kamiya
Chief Business Advisor
Artie recently founded the National PE Institute- He was formerly a Section Chief for the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, responsible for directing the state's K-12 health and physical education programs. He is also the recipient of two Carol M. White PEP Grants ($493,000 in 2003 and $1.3 million in 2004) and was recognized as the 2004 National Physical Education Administrator of the Year.
Dhiraj Dutt
Production Head
Works with our sales and technology teams, to ensure their are no gaps in the communication and looks after the overall health of projects.
Loni Deka
At VibrantCube - Our strength lies in our people. Loni Deka and her team ensures, we develop HR practices, which are inclined towards making our resources and we believe in 'Employee First' Idealogy.
Sashank Sarmah
Data Visualizer
At VibrantCube - Our strength lies in our people. Sashank  has 15 years of experience in IT industry. Visualization in his words ,'seeing  is believing'.
A Bhuyan
Big Data Architect
A Bhuyan oversees all of our Big Data projects and initiatives, by consistently keeping an eye on latest trends and technologies. Outside his work at VibrantCube A Bhuyan , loves to predict laws of nature :)!!
Rahul Gupta
Director - Client Engagement
Rahul brings with him over 10 years of experience in B2B Technology space - Where, he has held several sales roles & positions at Oracle, SAP & SalesForce & has travelled across the globe, with an objective to empower businesses with Technology. At VibrantCube - Rahul works closely with our clients to enable them achieve their business objectives.

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Ready for any challenges. We make your business better.