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Vibrant Cube Technology, big data term is in use since over 25 years, Big Data terms commonly refers to data sets with size beyond the ability of commonly used software tools to capture, manage & process data within a supportable elapsed time. It is a constant moving target ranging from few terabytes to many petabytes of data. Big Data technology & techniques in place to reveal insights from datasets those are diverse, complex & of a massive scale.

Big Data Technology

There are primarily two class of technology one is operational & other is analytical. A system handles operational capabilities for real-time, interactive workloads where data is primarily captured & stored and system that provide analytical capabilities for complex retrospective analysis that may touch most or all the data. Both these technology classes are deployed together.  

There are many technologies to deal with Big Data among those Hadoop & MongoDB are mature enough and proven technology. There are a few clear objectives to select an appropriate Big Data technology. 

Online vs. Offline Big Data

Software Licensing Models

General Purpose vs. Niche Solutions


Developer Appeal


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