Digital & Technology Transformation With VibrantCube

Digital & Technology Transformation … What is it?

Use of Technology to Radically Improve Enterprise Results.

  • Digital Transformation involves a combination of digital activity and strong technology implementation and project execution to turn technology into transformation.
  • Exploiting Technology in innovative ways to solve unique business challenges.

With ever growing commoditization across global geographies and industries - Organizations are forced to innovate 360 degrees.

At VibrantCube - We work closely with Business and Technology groups, to enable them to make this shift towards digital world seamlessly.

When it comes to implementation/ migration and development of technology towards Digital Transformation - We follow a robust execution methodology, which is based on the following three principles:

  •    Financial Performance Metrics
  •    Business Performance Metrics
  •    Technical Performance Metrics

Solutions & Services:

1) Data & Analytics : Turning data in knowledge and putting your data, to business - With an awesome team that includes some of the brightest minds from around the world - We are not just a cookie cutter analytics firm, but we seek to inspire through knowledge & expertise.
We enable, organizations to make informed decisions, by analyzing their data and building custom dashboard & algorithms which are predictive in nature.

2) Data Migration & Digital Transformation : Often organizations are challenged by the absence of a data migration roadmap from a legacy system to a cloud platform - At VC, our team os experts enable our clients to carry out successful data migrations, by retiring their legacy systems and letting them fund their project, internally to cover the cost of a new platform.

3) SalesForce & Oracle Implementation : Our clients work with our team of offshore experts to carry out successful implementation projects in the CRM, ERP & BI space across US, Canada & Europe.

4) Custom CRM & ERP Solutions : Implementation OR cloud based subscriptions of CRM / ERP’s are often challenging for Startups and SMB’s, considering the costs of license, implementation and support. At VC, with the utilization of open source technologies and our decades of experience - We enable our clients, to solve their business problems by implementing custom CRM/ ERP, thereby letting them save their cost of license, implementation & support from Tier 1 vendors.

5) Product Development : Our technology development expertise spans, working on source, microsoft and niche technologies.

Engagement Models :

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