Software Product Development

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Software Product Development

VibrantCube provides software product development to become the base requirement for many industries across the globe, identifying the industry’s common needs and requirements to achieve a technology product solution where VibrantCube is one of those technology companies relatively delivered product solution to multiple industry vertical. 

 A software product that eases operations for the multiple businesses in the same industry develops the common need, with technology evolving such as Cloud & Mobile platform converging and increasing the need for a modern business operation.

Product Innovation

Advance practice for technical and business analysis over the years help to get into the product innovation. Depend on the industry’s characteristic and challenges innovative team manage to help with Proof of Concept (PoC) and a prototype or MVP – minimal viable product that can take in a form of web app, tablet or mobile app to simulate client and server interactions.

Value proposition

Vibrantcube offers flexibility for product development engagement that systematically and strategically helps to achieve product that minimizing the huge development cost and time. Best practice to enhance emerging computing models and help them grow in new markets. Reduce total product cost or meet target cost by ensuring efficient product features and functions through value analysis and engineering.

Product Expertise

Product innovation concept to a blueprint for execution that converts into planning, system architecture design, development until the live working software product is the process expertise. Expert team work in every piece of detail to meet feature, functionalities and performance benchmark for the dream software product further implementing into live environment.

Preferred Methodology

Product building is the benchmark solution for any industry to better manage the business operations, to understand and plan it in depth requires openness that allows to add or change requirements and this is where the whole product development strategy becomes crucial for that reason VibrantCube preferred methodology is none other than agile methodology. Initiating with the minimum available requirement further there are three key area that is the best practice to control the development.

Risk Management

Risk management for the product development process is easing with change adoption with agile methodology. The small development iterations allow absorbing quickly without inflicting significant project risk. The backlog widely manageable within business priorities evolve with the next iteration that can be easily adaptable.

Product Quality

Best practice for testing for the set of the newly developed feature during the development with all possible test cases helps to improve finding bugs or technical glitch with the release of every iteration, fixing it with just during the development to better control next iterations. Although regression testing also a part at the end of the process to control the product quality.

Client Collaboration

It is best possible to engage client or project stockholders at the end of every iteration; the practice allows to receive immediate feedback that to simplify as product feature or functionality. UAT for the iteration or any change feedback further to the development process, all before the final release of the project.

Support & Enhancement

After delivery, well defined Initial product support for technical and non-technical to make a smooth transition to make software product fully operational within all user groups. High flexibility to accommodate other feature enhancement for an existing product that makes the product usability at the best to meet future product requirements is the iconic practice at VibrantCube.

Indeed, the set of best practices for product engineering is the benchmark for better product achievement. Product that works for multiple business for the same industry.

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